Monday, February 22, 2010


Ethics teach us the mysteries of morality,and the nature of affections, virtues and manners, as by them we my be guided to our highest happiness.
Thomas Traherne,Centuries

And As Always,thanks for listening!


Sugar said...

g'mornin my dear friend! hope ur doing well. {{ }}

natalie said...

Dearest Johnny,
my what a deep expression!
That is really interesting buddy!:):) Johnny I loved your funny comments about Saint Valentine and his life's hard knocks! Please do keep coming to my blog and leaving comments my friend; you keep me and others very amused by your wit and your warm nature and sense of humor!

old guy rambling said...

Now that is some deep stuff--made my head hurt --Good stuff.


Paula said...

I see you are ready for St. Patrict's Day.