Sunday, February 14, 2010

St. Valentine

St. Valentine and his life in the third century, his Irish connection is more recent - and documented. In the year 1836, Pope Gregory XVI sent a gift to the Carmelite Church on Whitefriar Street, Dublin, in recognition of the work of the church's former prior, Father John Spratt, who was widely recognized as a very holy man. The gift was a relic of a Christian martyr: a small gold-bound casket containing the earthly remains of St. Valentine. The relic had been exhumed from the cemetery of St. Hyppolytus on the Tiburtine Way in Rome, placed in a golden casket, and brought to Dublin, where it was enshrined in the little church with great ceremony. This year, on February 14th, as it has in every year since, the casket containing the Saint's mortal remains will be carried in solemn procession to the high altar of the Carmelite Church for a special Mass dedicated to young people and those in love. If you're lucky enough to be there, this little known Dublin church also sells Valentine's Day cards. Truly, it can be said - these are the genuine article!


salemslot9 said...

happy valentine's day, Garnett

Marty said...

Wow ... facsinating. And here I was thinking it was mostly a Hallmark Holiday.

Tabby said...

Cool I never knew that, thanks for enlightening me

Paula said...

Thanks for informing us.

Lori J said...

Hello Dear Journal Friend,

Just got back from the pool and hot tub here at the RV resort in Yuma, AZ. It is a VERY busy place this city with mega numbers of resort parks. I asked a lady today the population and she said normally about 100,000 but when the Snowbirds come it triples or quadruples and judging from the plates at least half come from my country.
Just wanted to touch base



natalie said...

wow Johnny,...
I mean....... I am so confused..(choke)
Saint Valentine was living in Italy adn he was killed by an Italian Emperor (the Holdy Roman Empire)..isn't that right? so....
(scratching my head) why would his reamins be sent to those lovely Carmelite nuns in Ireland?
Are you saying he was Irish?
let me know k?