Tuesday, February 23, 2010


The 3 most ill - mannered sons of the earth: A boy mocking an old man,a strong man swaggering in front of a sick one, a wise man jesting at the expense of a foolish one.
___Ancient Irish Triad

And As always, Thanks for listening!


Sugar said...

unfortunately we see a lack of respect in recent times. people, esp young people, just don't seem to care about the feelings of others any more. so sad.
hope your day is going well.

old guy rambling said...

Great Quote--I am old enough to remember days with what seemed like a little more respect.

Kattytrick said...

Well, it's not an "Ancient Irish Triad" for nothing. What was true then, is still true today.

To be respected, one must be respectful. To often I see where those demanding respect, or announcing that they have been dis-respected. Are those who have none coming and give none for the efforts and kindnesses of others.