Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Gots To Know

Certain things keep me up at night and this night it is Olivia Newton John.

I first seen this blond Goddess in the movies, the summer of 1978,the movie was Grease.

This Poster had every teenage boy, including me,had our hormones raging!

I was in Love, hell My Acne even cleared up that summer!

Well heres whats keeping me up tonight.....

Her long time boy friend Patrick Mc Dermott went missing on June 30,2005: lost at sea in a fishing accident.

Did they ever find his body?

And what is Olivia Doing Now?

And as always, thanks for listening!


Joann said...

I heard she was just gave up on Patrick and is waiting for you to be free from Debbie!!

Marty said...

I'm pretty sure she's married. As for the "missing" boyfriend, there are rumors he faked his disappearance to get out of debt and that he's really in hiding in South America ... but these reports are unconfirmed.