Sunday, December 20, 2009

Putting The Cat Out

It was 11:30 pm,And I just put The cat out.
But it hadn't been easy!
He had burned more fiercely than I had Anticipated.

And remember...
Laissez les bon temps rouler!
And as always, thanks for listening!


salemslot9 said...


That corgi :) said...

you are tooooo funny!!! of course Koda thought that was the silliest of things since he is not fond of cats

but of course I know you are just kidding around

I bet you got lots of snow from this last snowstorm


Paula said...

Well heck Johnny G. I had to read that twice before it sunk in. lol

Woody said...

Hey man, did you get any SNOW???

Jimmy's Journal said...

Doesn't that just drive you crazy....?


Missie said...

Oh John! That's not funny! LOL

Linda's World said...

Poor kitty kat! Linda in WA

natalie said...

hugs nat

natalie said...

Thanks for wishing everyone a Happy Hannukah!
are you up for wishing them a Merry Christmas? please come back!