Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What Purpose Is This Life I Live

Just sat here trying to figure out the last 47 years of my life and what purpose did it hold?
Fuck, what is this purpose of life and why is it so damn hard to live?
Humans since the day they are born are the only animals on this planet that know that the outcome of life is death.
I'm comfortable with that but what freakin' purpose does it hold?
Why do we keep this fucking cycle going, the pleasure of birth the sorrow of death?
I watched death many times , the sorrow agonizing pain of it all but yet we choose to give birth to feed it again.
Life is some crazy shit and time is priceless but yet we keep it going for the next generation to enjoy the pleasure of birth and the sorrow of death.

And as always, thanks for listening!


Unknown said...

I think the purpose is to live and be the best person you can be.... hopefully touching others peoples lives with kindness and love in between being born and dying.

salemslot9 said...

all the answers to your questions
are in the bible
I'm no expert at finding
and explaining them, though
"Shepherd's Chapel" is a great place to learn
chapter by chapter
verse by verse
they're not beggars
they're bible teachers
I feel better after I watch this show
you can watch it on tv
or on your computer
I think you'll like Pastor Arnold Murray
he's a marine
his two sons are on the show, sometimes

betty said...

I liked what salemslot9 said; all of the answers to your questions are in the Bible. I think Rick Warren in his ever popular book "The Purpose Driven Life" said it good too. Our purpose here is to glorify God. And we have to remember this is not all there is; we'll only be on this world for a few short years but we'll be part of eternity forever (which I can't even begin to understand how long that is) But the choices we make now and how we live now expects where we will spend the majority of our lives after we die. It is hard to figure out sometimes, I know. But do look to the Bible; it is like our blueprint for living life on earth


Peter (The Source Foundation) said...

Purpose is not something you will figure out with your mind, you feel it in your heart. I do not subscribe to the idea that Rick Warren has a handle on it. I feel his book is full of religious dogma that blinds most people to what their real purpose is. If you have a preconception about what it should be such as 'it is to glorify God' then you will be blinded as to what it actually is.

Here are some good resources




Paula said...

I think Tabby said it well. I know it is all hard for me to understand but then I guess we mere people are not supposed to understand.

Marty said...

I guess we just have to take each day as it comes ... and try to make the most of it. I'm always surprised at how much even just a little act of kindness means to someone else. I don't think anyone has all the answers, so maybe it's more a matter of just 'carrying on' ... creating our own meaning by living life each day.

Anne said...

You and others ask this question. I agree with Tabby but we will never know until we graduate to the other side. I also think we come into this life to accomplish things...different things for different people. Life is such hell for some and entightened for others. Anne