Sunday, November 15, 2009

Movie Ratings

I hear the movie "Men That Stare At Goats" is Rated R In the United States, over in the Middle East It is XXX rated!

And remember......
Laissez Les bon temps rouler!
And as always, thanks for listening!


Heli gunner Tom said...

Johnny G.,
You light up my life! Thanks for making me smile tonight.

The Vikings beat the Lions!

Tom Schuckman

betty said...

LOL; I also heard it really is a good movie to watch!


Marty said...

It actually got good reviews ... but with a name like that, it'll need 'em!

Paula said...

I'm curious what this movie is about.

Linda's World said...

I want to see it...may go movie buddies say they don't want to see it so I'll just go alone. Linda in rainy & windy Washington state