Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What's For Dinner?

Man can not live on Frozen food Alone!

And as always,Thanks for listening!


salemslot9 said...


Julie said...

Oh my. You have to tell us what that tastes like as my husband thinks we should stock up. does it taste like it looks, stick and all one color?

Marty said...

Yikes ... I hope what inside looks more appealing than the box. If not, maybe you should just eat the cardboard.

Lisa said...

Yeah they can, ask Doug! ;)

Sugar said...

if you add a salad & some fruit, you can live on it.
where did you get that box, & what all is in it?
praying for you.

a corgi said...

I like what Sugar said to add some fruit and salad and you have a meal. it doesn't take much, but you can get some chicken breasts, throw them into the oven with a cooking bag you can also get from the store with the spices already in it, cook them, get some frozen veggies or make a green salad and there is dinner for a couple nights. it does take some planning and I know you are going through intense grief right now, but maybe down the road that might be a good idea to try


Paula said...

John could live a long time on Ramen Noodle. He adds onions or hot sauce etc.