Wednesday, August 19, 2009

MRE'S Are They Good?

Are MRE'S good?
Back in the 80's they were made by the Ralston Purina Co.
And everything the government bids out it is made by the lowest bidder!
They have a shelf life of ten years if they don't freeze!

The first Mre's I had were Dehydrated bland cardboard tasting pucks you had to add water to, they were alright if you were hungry and one step on the food chain above bugs!
But over the years they got better and put together by different plants in the USA.
Hell I remember eating stir fry before I got out!
Mre's Are high in calories for the fighting man to burn, but can make you constipated due to lack of fiber content.
If I remember right, I think they have veggie mres for the guys that don't eat meat and also kosher for those that need it.
Later on in the years they add a heater you just added water to, it heated up your food nicely on a cold day.
The soul purpose for a mre is for the soldier on the move, he can carry his food with him, his fast food, Meals Ready to Eat AkA. MRE'S.

And as always,thanks for listening!


a corgi said...

fascinating history here with the MREs; they serve their purpose to give food to those serving, but I'm sure the taste is a bit lacking


salemslot9 said...

ah ha...

Julie said...

I would have to have my pepper mill and a good bottle of wine, then I wouldn't care what it taste like. Thanks for letting me know what they taste like, think I will hold off letting myself get talked into them for awhile longer. Hope you are getting along.

Tabby said...

Those do not look good to me at all, especially since the company is purina (like dog food?). I have seen some of those ready to eat meals at walmart in the camping/hunting section that do not look half bad but I am to chicken to try them.

Lisa said...

Sounds as if they've come a long way since the beginning. It also sounds like MY way of

Jimmy's Journal said...

I never ate a MRE but I ate K-Rations. I hate to admit it, but they were pretty good. They also came with desert, gum, chocolate, a four pack of cigarettes and toilet paper.