Monday, August 17, 2009

She Did It All

Well folks I'm not adjusting to well ,my Debbie did a lot around here.
It takes me all freakin' day what she did in a few hours.
Getting animal smells out of the house is a main issue for me due to copd , Debbie made sure that It was gone if one of the animals had an accident or came in wet.
Cleaning chemicals kill me, I don't know what to use for what, when I was out doing errands on her day off she'd clean and air out the fumes.
Cooking is another issue, I know how to cook but can't cook for one , it seems like a waste of food because I won't eat the same stuff 5 days in a row and I'm not ready to cook a weeks worth of meals in one day.
Putting socks on is a chore, can't lift my right leg to do it.
Making the bed is a freakin' all day chore for me.
Simple stuff is work for me, cutting my lawn forget about it!
Sweeping is ok but using a dust pan just don't happen.
She took care of it all here , I guess I'll have to sit and think awhile to see if I can make things easier for me.
I guess I have to deploy my military thinking to over come most of the chores but I don't think A hose and a leaf blower are the right tools for now.

And as always, thanks for listening!


Tabby said...

Hi Johnny,

I find making lists helps me get things done put the most important up top. First of all do you really need to make the bed everyday...naah just close the door. I can never cook for myself just like you, I find frozen dinners to be the answer. Now a days you can get some pretty good stuff you can cook in the microwave that is healthy, like steamed veggies, pasta dinners for one, and they even have breakfast meals you can zap. For sweeping I know they have those dust pans that are on a long pole in walmart so you do not have to bend over. What ever you do when cleaning do not ever, ever mix bleach and ammonia together as it is deadly. Look for products that are chemical free that should help with your COPD. Can anyone help you with the cleaning at once a week, even if you have to pay them? Just some idea's I hope they help. Hang in there my friend.

Dawn said...

There is a catalog, and they are online called, They have this really great product for putting on socks. I know because I have RA and sometimes something that simple is hard.:-)

Also, Tabby gave you some great advice. Get febreze too. Also, I don't know if you ever looked into this but being disabled and a veteran you may be able to get cleaning help really cheap, just for a few dollars an hour. Once every two weeks for a morning or couple of hours once a week, might be great for you. Find out what help is available!!!

{{hugs}} be well...

Sugar said...

tabby & dawn have some great ideals i hope you'll check into them.

i only make my bed & do laundry every 2 wks as it takes me sooo long & wears me out...otherwise i just pull my covers up.

the froz meals are not great but good, they have all kinds...hungry man would prob be good for you...just remember to drink lots of water to help flush out the salt as they contain quite a bit.

as for sweeping, i just sweep it all out the door, no dustpan for me.

check with home health & see what they have avail if only a few hrs every couple wks.

get a neighbor kid to mow once a month, let the wind blow the leaves away.

be sure pets go out at reg intervals to help prevent accidents.

you'll learn what will work & what won't, thru trial & error. will take time.


salemslot9 said...

freeze leftovers
like if you make a pot of chili
or spaghetti, etc...
broil a piece of meat
and serve with a vegetable
and/or salad
nothing fancy
keep up your strength

a corgi said...

everyone gave great advice, take it slow with what you decide to do and do only the things that absolutely need to be done first.


Jimmy's Journal said...

It will take time my friend, but you can do it!

I wish I could tell you a whole bunch of neat tricks and tips to clean and cook, but the only really important thing I know is keep all the necessary shit in one drawer.

You know, things like car keys, beer opener, wine cork, checkbook, wallet......


Sugar said...

one tip i forgot to tell you in my previous comment. call meals on wheels in your area, tell them your physical condition & see if you can get some meals delivered. some send lunch m-f, while others send a whole weeks worth 3 meals a day froz for the entire week! check it out.

Melanie said...

lots of great advice here'll get it all figured out

Love ya


Lori J said...

Dearest John,
Well I wish I lived closer so I could come and help you out.
I am sure the adjustment to many things will take time...
Even the simplest things can be hard.

Love and blessings,

Chef Lori aka ABIceQueen

Paula said...

I've missed some of your entries so I see you've got lots of good advice already. Don't get in a hurry. Take time to grieve.

Marty said...

Hi Johnny,
It's going to take a while for you to get in the swing of things. I'm with you regarding the cooking, but there are a lot of nutritious and not too expensive frozen dinners that taste pretty good (I like the organic ones, at least you can trust those). And if you combine it with a little soup and salad, some fruit for dessert ... it's sort of healthy and doesn't feel like you're totally relying on freezer food.

Lisa said...

You've gotten so much good advice I really can't add anything. I would definately call Meals on Wheels though - I would think you will qualify. Take your time, unless it is hurting your breathing not everything has to be done.