Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Happened

When I quit drinking cold turkey it was messing with me so I went and got calming pills and detox pills to help ease the dts.
I decided to detox my body and bought detox teas and pills ate nothing but fruits and veggies drank lots of water and juices , ended up with the drizzlig shits for a month, lost 30 pounds ,got weak and dehydrated.
Ended up with a very bad chest cold so I did alot of cold tabs which dehydrated my lungs out which caused infectious plugs that I could not cough up.
Went out and bought Mucinex 1200 mg to loosen the plugs which caused to much fluid in my lungs,with plugged up lungs and fluid that I could not cough up I started to drown in fluids.
I started to double dose on my inhalation meds to help breathe , it forced my lungs wide open and I could not dialate the lungs, my breathing was laboring and I was very tired , I turned up the oxygen to 5 liters to force air in my lungs which you never do with copd, I over saturated my lungs with oxygen and they stopped working, I was forcing my diaphram to push air in and out got tired and called the ambulance, got to the E.R. only a few minutes before dying!
Almost put on the vent!
I am ok now, but did lose 30 pounds and look good again in speedos.
Thanks for all your well wishes friends it means alot to me!

And as always, thanks for listening!


Sugar said...

thank the good Lord, you're ok.


would like to see a picture of you in you are breathing again..stop playing doctor will ya? aren't ya surpose to do that when you're a kid...hint am soooo glad that you are okay...we've been friends soooo long now...could imanige life without my buddy...hang in there...much love as always and say hello to Debbie..hugs did ya ever get your camera fixed or buy a new sure to send me a picture of you in those speedos...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indigo said...

Why do I get the feeling you always overdo things? I'm just relieved your ok now dear friend. Don't push yourself so hard. (Hugs)Indigo

Woody said...

Glad your OK, COPD is a Bitch, I know, I got it from trying to be the """Marlboro Man""".... and of course all that Medicinal Stuff from the 60's didn't help either...LOL!!!
Really glad yer better!!!!! Now STAY THAT WAY!!!!!!!!

Paula said...

Please don't do that again. People here happen to care about you.

Tabby said...

I am so glad you are better now. You should be so proud of yourself for quitting drinking and losing 30lbs but next time do not be so drastic. Please no speedo picture's LOL. Really though glad you are alright :)

Marty said...

Yikes ... I'm just catching up and had missed all this. You've been through a terrible ordeal ... I hope you're in the care of a good doctor.

LdyRoxx said...

Great time of day! Talk about over doing it...I'm so glad you're alright. Now about those speedo's....gotta picture yet?

Terri said... glad you are okay now