Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How Long Is This Road To Where It Began

I guess the road started 29 years ago , just a few fishing and camping on the weekends, then it started to go south after a bad marriage and not being able to see my daughter in which tore my heart out.
With all the twist and turns in the road I threw the map away and traveled down the road to hell.
Hell bent and firewater to lead me into a path of destruction, I finally found that light at the end of the tunnel"Debbie"and she put me on the right course.
I got out of debt got a better job and the road got alot easier until '97 thur '99 which left me disabled and all roads led to a wall, that's when the path of destruction came back.
Pulling my way along drowning my pain and sorrows and begging God to end it all but he never did and so one more day led to one more week and so on until all roads closed and I realized that 29 years of running left this old soul battered, tired, my last road will be traveled by a six man march!
Johnny G. Wants his 90:10!
I have one more road to travel, the road to soberity, God willing that road is paved!
En avant!
Foward On!
And as always,thanks for listening!


Marty said...

Hi Johnny,
I know you can travel this road and when you do, who knows how many other paths might open up?Best,

Paula said...

I know you can do it and will. I'm sure it is hard but with God's help, Debbie's, and all your friends here you can make it.

Linda's World said...

The thing is we forget that when things seem dismal, God is still there. Did you ever read the poem 'Footprints?' What happens is we let the dark times of our lives take us off life's path. But He always stays on the path & when we come back on that path, He's there to greet us. I hope you can get back on the path and let Him walk beside you. He's given you a good woman in Debbie, you have much to be grateful for. Bless you my friend...Linda in rainy Washington

Sugar said...

may God bless Deb for being there for you & with you, & as she walks down that road with you, may He send an angel to walk on your other side.
between deb & an angel, you can make that journey!
just know, it won't be easy, & it's a long road...but it does get easier after those first few weeks of hell.
i'm here for you my friend, as are many, email me anytime.
praying for you, & for deb. that God give you both strenth, to see this trip to the end.

It's Just Katie! said...

We'll be right behind you every step of the way. I once travel a similar road and now look back and realize I could of stepped over many of those pot holes if I'd only tried. It's well worth the ride. Take care of you my friend and know that we're pullin for you!

Tabby said...

Thanks for sharing that part of your past with us. Acceptance is the first step to recovery. I believe you will get through this with Deb by your side. You can do it!

Indigo said...

I have faith you will get there dear friend. It really is one day at a time. You take each day your sober and thank whatever you may for that one. You don't ask for any more, you just take it one day at time.

I believe in you, you're strong enough to make this last march. (Hugs)Indigo

Terri said...

You are not in this alone, for we your friends are following beside you...marching on in support of our wonderful friend(YOU)...

You can and will do this!

Never lose Hope...keep the Faith!



hey you know I am cheering you on and I KNOW YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND UP TO DO...blessings and lots love and hugs...keep on going..