Friday, May 15, 2009

Clowns To the right Of Me Jokers To The Left, Here I Am Stuck In The Middle With You!

I was shopping at Walmart yesterday for odds and ends and in the middle of an Isle I was in was a little old lady in one of those scooters crying.
I asked if she was alright and she told me no and explained she was in a lot of pain from a knee replacement and she was setting in that scooter for almost an hour due to the fact that the battery had died.
She had asked a few people to help her and they all ignored her.
One lady working there had told her she'd be back to help her but never got back to her.
Freakin' people piss me off, here sits a little old lady in pain and wanting someone to help her and she was ignored!
What a bunch of freakin' clowns people can be!
I told Debbie to wait by the lady and I went for a different scooter to help her out.
She could not thank me enough for the help.
What a bunch of Jokers in Walmart!
I'm freakin' pissed!

And as always, thanks for listening!


Indigo said...

I can't believe people in that WalMart were so inconsiderate. Thank you for being the kind soul you are. (Hugs)Indigo

Frances said...

That was a very nice gesture on your part, Johnny G., and Debbie's ,too of course. More people should help their fellow man (or woman). We may all be in that lady's place some day.

Pwn Star said...

Oh! That makes me angry just hearing about it!

I'm so glad you are awesome and took care of her.


Melanie said...

(((((((((HUGE HUG))))))))))))
for the both of you..people are so ignorant sometimes


Missie said...

That poor woman! Thank goodness you were there!

Enjoy your weekend.

Rose said...

Oh that poor darling woman. God Bless you and Debbie for helping her out.

What is wrong with people? Would they want their mother left alone and unable to help herself out of the dilemma?

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Makes me angry that people can walk by a person in need.

Hugs, Rose

Woody said...

There was no doubt in my mind, (what little is left of it) any way that you would have passed her by and not stopped to help her !!!

Sugar said...

that burns me! how can people be so cruel?
so far, 9 out of 10 people i've met (working there & shopping there) have been very kind & helpful to me.
glad you were able to help her out.
what goes around, comes around. ;)

Paula said...

Good for you and Debbie. I bet that lady really did appreciate your help. Hope the lady called the store when she got home to complain or better yet before she left the store.

Terri said...

OMG that makes me so mad that people can be so cruel to the elderly! So glad you and Debbie were there to help her...


Tabby said...

I am so glad you where there to help her! I can not understand how people can be so self absorbed and insensitive. I would be calling the manager of Walmart!