Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Spidy Man Christmas

My neighbors littlest boy loves Spider Man, so why we were out today we picked him up a Spider Man Hypersonic Jet.
For his B-Day in Oct. we had bought him a Spider Man Car.
For Halloween he was dressed as Spider Man, like I said he loves Spider Man.
His older brother loves money, this kid will work in my yard every two weeks and i'll give him $20 when he is done, then he hides it like a squirrel with nuts.
So for Christmas I'll give him $20 in a card.
Their parents are great people that raised 2 great kids.
And as always, thanks for listening!


MISSY said...

Antonio is obsessed with Power Rangers like that lol. *M*

Tracy said...

my son likes spiderman too! lol i hope you have a great day! hugs

Sugar said...

hard to raise 'good' kids in this day & age, my hat's off to them.
nice of you to give him a gift card.

Paula said...

How nice that you have good neighbor kids. We do to and we reward them when we can. It is so refreshing to see good kids now days when there are some that aren't so nice.

Missie said...

Where's my present? LOL

Rose said...

What a nice, kind, generous neighbor you are giving such nice gifts to the young children.

Hugs, Rose

P.S. I like diamonds! (wink)

natalie said...

what a generous and kind gift!
Wow you are great neighbors!