Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Past Few Days

I'm sorry I have not been on here the past few days, trying to keep my mind occupied by playing games online doing house work and talking to myself.
It seems these pills ain't worth a shit,it seems I'm more depressed now then I ever was, I'll talk to the doctor about this.
Sassy, my beloved Little Girl is coming around now,she is now going outside to chase the mailman once more.
For myself, I'll never be the same, life pretty much sucks now.
I want to thank my friend Betty in Ca.
She sent me a book that deals in the sorrow I'm Going through.
The Book: Hope For Hurting Hearts By Greg Laurie.
I'm a slow reader, I'm on page 28 of 136 pages, I read a few pages a day this is so I don't get bored and plus it gives me something to do in between my every day rituals.
Thanks Again Betty for the book it is greatly appreciated .
Sent for money out of my Ira to pay for My Debbie's Burial, well it has to happen, I've been sitting in this house for 5 Freakin' Days waiting for the check , so it figures they can't find the house, way to go FEDX!
Tomorrow it'll be here by 9:30 Am , so I'll be out there at the curb by 7:30 with a jug of coffee waiting for them to deliver it!
Well good people, That's it for Today!

And as always, thanks for listening!


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Yep...we feed them in the winter..apples, corn and add in a little hay.....thanks for caring...hangin there....i know times are trying for you ...but...there's lots of prayers coming to you from bloggerland...


a corgi said...

you are welcome John; you won't ever be the same again; I know you will always miss Debbie and life as you know it will be totally different than you thought it would be at this season in your life. I think your grief will lessen and not be as raw and as hard as it is now, but it will always be with you; I hope the words written by Greg Laurie as he is grieiving the loss of his son, will give you some comfort in the days ahead.....

continuing to pray for you

Missie said...

I hope the book helps you even if it's only a little, it's better than nothing.

Sending you hugs!

Paula said...

I think the loss of a loved one is harder on men then women because we tend to hang together more. I know I met a lot of women at the widowed person's support group I belonged to but few men would come there. I just hope and prey something will come into your life to help you cope. I'm sorry the meds didn't work for you.

Tabby said...

Hi Johnny,

I am sorry to hear the pills are not helping, but then again how much can a pill help after the loss of you beloved Debbie? Maybe they can change your RX and give you something better to at least take the edge off. Time will help, and I hope the book helps you also that was very nice of Betty to send it to you. Hang in there buddy!

Lisa said...

Give the pills some time to work - you are going through something horrible and time is the only thing that is really going to make any difference at all. Keeping you in my Prayers friend.

Linda's World said...

I too am praying for you John...praying for a peace in your life that passes all understanding. You have so many friends and we're all out here for you. It is good to see that you're enjoying playing the computer games. I still can't get into Farmville but I keep accepting the gifts. YoVille now, that's another story. I'm on there a lot. Take care, Linda in Washington state

Dawn said...

Hang in there, John. The priest at the funeral I was at today was very profound. He said, no your life will never be the same without this person, but that is testament to the contribution of love they had in your life. Celebrate the joys in your heart, thru the memories, and know that someday you will meet again.

It did help to comfort... I hope it helps to comfort you too.

be well...

Julie said...

It usually takes a few weeks before you see a difference with the meds, hang in there and if they don't help there are different ones to try.

Debbie said...

No John, your life will never be the same because you love Debbie so much. I hope spending time with your daughter & grandson will help ease your sorrow.

I know people who have tried Prozac and it made them more depressed too. They had to quit using it. I really don't think a pill can ease the pain of grief only time can do that and the grief never goes away it becomes a bit easier to cope with.

You have been in my thoughts & prayers dear friend. Thank you for your prayers for our daughter also.