Monday, August 24, 2009

On Sunday's Happenings

My daughter brought my little Derrick (A.K.A. Jimmy) down yesterday, the boy is quit the pisser, no really, this boy pisses every half hour.
We went to Haystacks, I had chicken fried steak, mash potatoes/w country gravy and coleslaw, my daughter had some type of chicken club with bbq sauce and fries .
The meal was excellent and a great time out with my daughter and my lil Derrick.
Hopefully we can do this more often if time and money allows us.
Went to the docs today (they were closed Saturday) she prescribed antidepressants so I can cope a little better , then a trip to the hospital for some tests before the end of next month.
Also went to my Aunt Marion & Uncle Ray's house for tea and a bullshit session which was very comforting to me.
Hopefully when these pills kick in I'll be in a little better state of mind.
Well folks that's it for now.

And as always, thanks for listening!


a corgi said...

glad you went to the doctor and got the pills; hope she told you it might be several weeks before they kick in

your time with your daughter/Derrick sounded like fun; my son at a young age was always having to go to the bathroom, especially when traveling; always a joy to try to find a place to pull over

take care of yourself


Sugar said...

so glad you had a nice time with family.
you had my fav meal when i go out...i love it, just can't go wrong with a good chickfry stk & mash tators.
give the meds a few wks to kick in, be sure & don't self adjust the dosage!
huggies & prayers...

Tabby said...

Hi John
I am glad you got some comfort spending time with your family. I hope you can see them often, even if you can do something cheap like a Bar-b-que in the back yard.

I hope the meds help and as Sugar says be sure not to take too many.

Melanie said...

Glad to have you back posting again!1

Missed you for the short time you wre not..i did really~


Marty said...

Hi Johnny,
Sounds like you have a loving and supportive family. It's good that you're spending time with them!

Paula said...

Glad things are looking up just a little for you.

Missie said...

I'm glad the doctor prescribed some antidepressants. I can't imagine how you feel!

I'm also glad you had a good time with your daughter and Derrick.

Sending big hugs!

Lisa said...

The pills will most likely help but you will still need time Johnny. There is no magical cure for a broken heart. It's good to hear you are spending time with the family and your lunch sounds great!

kanishk said...

so glad you had a nice time with family.
you had my fav meal when i go out...i love it, just can't go wrong with a good.
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Jimmy's Journal said...

The pills definitely will help you John. It's never easy when we lose a loved one but hopefully time will ease the pain.