Monday, July 27, 2009

To Blow Smoke Up One's Ass

1750's to 1810's Tabacco Smoke Enema Kit
Doctors would insert the tube into a drowning person's anus and pump tabacco smoke into the rectum to revive said person.
It was thought that warm smoke blown up the bunghole would induce breathing.

Lets just say anything shoved up my ass would make me gasp for air!

So there you have it, the term to blow smoke up one's ass!

And remember.....
Laissez les bon temps rouler!
And as always, thanks for listening!


Lisa said...

LOL, well I had a good laugh with this one.

Tabby said...

Now I have officially heard it all!

Missie said...

I never knew that....but did I need to know that? LOL

Have a good night.

Paula said...

You're just a bundle of information. Thats why I come here everynight just in case you know something I need to know.

Woody said...

Does that mean that if you lit a fart it would blow smoke??? LOL

Woody said...

You could have the same problem with your Monitor like I did, I licked the screen too much and the moisture shorted the thing ah ma jiggy connected to the what cha ma call it!! Its located near that doo dad next to the thing ah ma bob!

Marty said...

Good God ... one fart is all it would take to blow both the patient and doctor to kingdom come!

Joann said...

You're so funny!! How do you come up with this stuff!!!