Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

THE Good .......

Spring Is Here!

The Bad...........
Got a whole winter's worth of Dog crap to pick up!

The Ugly.........Cat shot 27 times - and lives
Ben Blomfield
Monday, March 2, 2009
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THE relentless torture of a pet cat that was shot 27 times at point-blank range in the head and neck with an air rifle has outraged animal welfare authorities.
Possum, a two-year-old male domestic cat, somehow survived shocking cruelty after cowards trapped him in a cage about 9pm on Friday.
The gun was shoved in the animal’s face and mouth with two direct shots penetrating his tongue and lodging in his nasal cavity.
Police are investigating the violent attack on the cat, which will have surgery today to remove 15 remaining pellets.
Owner Jodi Mulley pulled out five of the pellets herself while seven other pellets that punctured the skin were not found.
It is believed the animal was caught in a cat trap somewhere at Portsmith and repeatedly shot with the slug gun. One lead pellet narrowly missed the cat’s jugular vein.
Ms Mulley rang four veterinarians who told her they would not see Possum unless they received a $150 emergency call-out fee.
"One vet told me if I didn’t take him to the vet ASAP, they would have me fined for trying to clean him up myself,’’ she said. "I spent the whole night crying because I thought my baby was going to die."
Greencross Veterinarians principal surgeon Max Fargher, who treated Possum around 1.30pm on Saturday, said: "The cat is going to be fixed regardless of the cost."
He said in 18 years working as a vet, he had never seen such a disturbing attack on an animal.
"In general, this is the worst episode of animal cruelty I’ve ever seen," he said.
An RSPCA spokesman said Possum’s incident was part of a new wave of animal cruelty cases reported in the past 12 months.
"We’ve had some instances in the last year where the level of violence has been taken to a new level," he said.
"The extent of the violence of the crimes is getting more intense."
Possum will undergo surgery today, estimated to cost $700.

And as always, thanks for listening!


Sugar said...

i hear of these sorts of things all the time. it outrages me!
hoping the kitty makes a complete recovery, & to whom ever did that...well, i hope they're caught, unfortunately our laws won't give them near what they deserve. but eventually karma will get them!
have a good wkend.

LdyRoxx said...

Insane....can't we shoot these people like that too? I mean, come on!

Tabby said...

Oh that story gave me shivers! The poor kitty! I think the laws should be a heck of a lot stricter on monster's who do these terrible things to animals.

salemslot9 said...

praying for poor Possum

Paula said...

Hanging on the court house steps is too good for the person who did that to Possum.

Joann said...

That's HORRIBLE!!! I hope they catch whoever did that, and I hope he lives in SHAME!!

natalie said...

gosh that is scary!
the raccoons here eat ducks Johnny!
really sad