Sunday, December 7, 2008

Remember Pearl Harbor

Today is the 67th Anniversary of the Bombing of Pearl Harbor.
The above picture is the burning and sinking of The U.S.S. Arizona.
Alot of Airmen and Navalmen died on this infamous Day!
God Bless All of them.
Leaving a link for more pictures of Pearl Harbor Attack.
And as always, thanks for listening!


Sugar said...

Yes God bless them ALL!

Adirondackcountrygal said...

In the nursing home I work at I had the honor of caring for a gentleman who was a pilot. He was at Pearl Harbor on that day and lost a leg while running to his plane to try and get airborne to fight the enemy. True heroes all..

Tabby said...

The had a very informative show on this on the history channel. I am thankful for all their service to our country.

Terri said...

God Bless them all!!


Woody said...

Right now its 8 above zero, snowed on and off all day, now its windy, blowing snow, and damn COLD!!
Keep warm!!


Missie said...

I feel like a terrible American. I forgot what today was......

MISSY said...

That was a sad day in history. We have a lot of those :(