Friday, December 12, 2008

God Bless Your Soul Kaylee

Well it looks like they found the body of Lil Kaylee Anthony , duct taped and stuffed in a garbage bag thrown in a bog a half mile from her home.
How can A mother do this to her own child( if she did do it) ?
Who ever did this to this little angel should die a slow but very painful death!
God Bless You Lil Kaylee!
And as always, thanks for listening!


Tracy said...

did they find out if it really is her body? if so it truley is a shame that someone could do that to an innocent child. too many sicko's in this world, its scary you just never no anymore. i hope you have a good day. hugs

Marty said...

What a tragedy. It really does sound like the mother did it ... but regardless I just hope justice is served. If it wasn't the mother, let's hope they get to the bottom of this before another innocent young victim suffers the same fate.

sober white women said...

This story just makes me sick. I have three children and I just can't imagine.

Sugar said...

it always breaks my heart when i hear of a parent killing their child/children.
but it happens, all too often.
in the arms of an angel, in the Kingdom of our Father, may she R.I.P. now.
when i heard of this yesterday, i sent up a prayer for all the family & friends that cared for her.
the one guilty, will be punished sooner or later.
if she was kalee or not i haven't heard their decision yet, but she was someones precious baby.

Linda's World said...

Yes, if this is Kaylee & they can prove mom did should fry! Whoever it is~they are safe in the arms of Jesus now. No more pain & suffering for this little one. Linda in Washington state

Tracy said...

you crack me up!( what the hell is toodles) for me it means goodbye for now or just goodbye. hope you have a good weekend.

MISSY said...

That is really sad. People are so f****n' sick in the head!


Paula said...

The same as everyone else I am just sick about this little girl.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I agree, if it is Caylee, I hope they found out who did it. If not Caylee I hope they find out who the poor child is and bring her home. Her soul is home right now anyhow.. with Jesus.

Robin said...

it's just sick.

Jimmy's Journal said...

I hope they bury the mother with the poor child. What a piece of human garbage.


Lisa said...

Sick...I just can't believe anyone could hurt that little girl. She was so adorable.