Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mischief Night

Tonight I have fun with my two little guys next door.
They come over to my house tonight to trick or treat because they have a party tomorrow to go to!
I told Debbie to get me two cans of mixed vegetables and put the cans in a box wrap it up as a gift for Halloween and put Trick Or Treat? on the box and tell them to open it up in front of their parents.
I'll tell their mom what is going on before hand and give her a gift card for the boys.
Can't wait to pull this on those lil guys.
Debbie says I'm mean , hey someone has to be mischievous tonight!

And remember.......
Laissez les bon temps rouler!
And as always,thanks for listening!


Sugar said...

you jokester!!!
nice ideal of the gift card for the kids, know it'll be appreciated by the whole family.
and again ty for the winter care pkg you sent me.

Rose said...

Oh you mischief person you! The gift card is a very nice idea.

Happy Halloween!

Hugs, Rose

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Great idea - May have to slip that one in somewhere tonight! Take care and enjoy your Trick or Treaters,

MISSY said...

I can see those kid's faces now lol!


Paula said...

Awww I bet they expect that from you and love you too. Aren't neighborhood kids fun?

Lisa said...

You are a trip, it is the perfect time of year for tricks...maybe you'll even get a treat!!! ;)


i love that idea...i have to do it tonight on a few kids that know me perv...hugs

Indigo said...

The trick that comes with the treat. Awesome idea. (Hugs)Indigo