Monday, October 6, 2008

Loss Of My ......

I have a few accounts on here and by golly I can't remember my Id's to any of them!

I guess when I erased my aol journal, I must have taking a brain dump.

Hopefull it'll come back to me in a few hours or days , maybe not.

I guess it is time to buy those post it notes to make my pc look important!

Now where in the hell did I leave my glasses?

And remember............
Laissez les bon temps rouler!
And as always, thanks for listening!


Debbie said...

I've got post it notes laying in front of me and beside me, LMAO.
Oh,you didn't completely delete your AOL journal all the entries are gone but the journal is still there.
I have a problem I can't figure out now. When I leave a comment I noticed there's a trash can beside my comment and I don't know how to get rid of the darn thing. When I put my cursor on it, it says delete comment. I have no clue to what's going on with that. I hadn't noticed it being there before tonight.


litttle trash can is if you want to get rid of some ones can delete it from your page..

i am glad you got rid of that word thingie..i was going cross eyed trying to figure out the i have it on my page....and what do you mean you don't have post it's all ready..damn it man...I do all over the place..and notepads and have the glasses on etc..come on get with the times..geeeezh

garnett109 said...

they are suppose to be there don't woory

Marty said...

Hi Johnny,
I guess it will take a while to get used to Blogger. I think it's going to be a good move in the long run ... it looks like we can do a lot more with Blogger and, best of all, we can kiss those annoying ads that ran across the tops of our blogs "goodbye."

Missie said...

I have a little notebook I keep by the computer with all my passwords and usernames. It comes in very handy.

MISSY said...

I keep stuff like that stored in my Blackberry.


Lisa said...

HA, I have notes on everything and sometimes I find notes on top of notes after I had been looking all over for the hidden note. See, you are not alone!