Saturday, October 25, 2008

Idiots Working In The U.S.A,

This is a full blown rant of why I am Pissed!
I worked hard all of my working days and always did my jobs right and weather it was loading freight for costumers on their trucks or sloping beer for the locals, courtesy to others got you more tips and the costumer was always right, Right?

Not in this case with Ahab and Habib 2 freakin' Pakastanis that run a local Uni - Mart!

Yesterday I got a few money orders to pay bills got home and realized I was 30.00 dollars short in my change, which rarely happens on my part before leaving a store with 2 idot camel jockeys running the place , I look at the money orders and instead of a money order for 28.50 it was for 58.50!

Ok ,this should be simple, just go back and have them void the money order and print a new one and get my change back right?

Not with Ahab and Habib , you asked for the 58.50 we give you 58.50 can not void or give you change!
You made mistake not we!

Well let me tell you Johnny G. just about went over the counter to kick some camel jockey's asses!

I just started throwing shit at them then left the store flipping those assholes off!

When did we let these rag heads in?
Why do we let freakin' idiots run businesses that can't read or write or speak the english?

Hell ,those 2 towel heads couldn't even laugh in english!

I think I'll stop by today just to say hello!

Screw them ,Those freakin' Rag heads are done with my business!

And as always,thanks for listening!


Sugar said...

so sorry this happened to you!
yes, it's sad we have so many americans that need jobs & help, yet the funding goes to assist foreigners start business or put their kids in college. it makes me mad that the gov can't help our own first then help others as needed.
and as for these type stores, i gen try to stay clear of them when i can, for the main reason i can't understand them. & mistakes often seem to 'happen'.
hope your rant helped you blow off some steam, i know you must be really upset!
big hugs...




Rose said...

Oh my...your angry certainly is justified.

So, sorry about what happened but be careful not to get yourself in trouble with the law. The idiots will call the cops and you know what the rest of the story will be......

I would call the authorities to inquire the best way to handle this situation.


Indigo said...

Unbelievable! They could of easily of voided the money order. Mistakes are made all the time. That was definitely on them. (Hugs)Indigo

Terri said...


You should have got your freakin change back it was their damn mistake...

Whats this world coming to?

::shaking head::


Robin said...

Go there today and get a ton of crap to buy! A TON of it. Put it all on the counter let them ring it up and then say bad I would have had money to pay for this but you screwed me yesterday so screw you today! LOL...then leave laughing cause they have to put it all back...oh and have them print you off a bunch of lottery tickets too!

Paula said...

I just love Robin's comment. I think you should do that. That will show 'em

Lisa said...

I agree with Robin...sounds like a good idea to me. Don't fly off the handle too much and end up in jail!
You have every reason to be angry..I bet your BP was as high as mine (or higher) when you were through.

Possum S. Hemmingway said...

I think you know my position on the towel heads. With this nation becoming more and more liberal, just about anyone can get in and then piss and moan about discrimination. I sure you'll come up with a scheme for payback.


Sharon said...

Always trying to rob us blind no matter where we are! Scums! Why won't UncSam trade em in for a couple barrels of oil?

MISSY said...

Put your name on the money order and deposit it into your account. That way you get your money back or just let whatever company give you a 30 dollar credit. *M*

I agree with you by the way. IDIOTS!