Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Can You Feel The Love

With all of the paper work and paper trails I've got to have with my Mothers estate, I told Debbie last night when I die stick a ham bone up my ass and let the dogs drag me away!

Her Freakin' reply was " John with an ass your size it's going to be 2 ham bones and a ten dog drag!"

Can you feel the freakin' love here?

And remember.............

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

And as always, thanks for listening!


Robin said...

Awww you're a two ham bone kind of guy.

a corgi said...

gotta love that Debbie and her wisecracks!

you two both enjoy your day!


MISSY said...

You guys are so kind to one another lol

It makes it fun though, right?

Have a great day!!!!


Lisa said...

Oh yeah, I am feeeeling that love!

Missie said...

You're one lucky man to have someone like your wife! LOL

Sharon said...

Sounds like a good handfull to me wooo woooo baby!