Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bar Keep Give Me A Double

As I'm watching my stocks pour out of my portfolio, 8 generations of the Beam family is pouring in!
It gives me a good kick in my hacky sac to find out 5 ceos of aig spent 500,000 on a weekend party and that justs burns my ass and no freakin' tucks to be found!
On top of which I just sold an 8,000 Elantra for half that amount to help pay for moms burial and other assorted debts that she aquired.
Yes Bar Keep give me another and make it a double and what time does the bar close tonight?
And as always, thanks for listening!


Paula said...

John is threatening to bury some money in the yard. Wanna go diggin' with me? Paula

Marty said...

We should run a contest to determine what AIG really stands for. Another Ill-begotten Gain? All Insider Greed? etc., etc. ... Maybe you should make this your Saturday 3's ...?

a corgi said...

they partied at a nice place too; I used to live close to that area; I did hear on the news though that only 10 AIG employees were there, the rest were for their top insurance sellers; something they periodically did to reward their top producers


MISSY said...

Hope you have a good Friday


Missie said...

Pass me some of that! I want some too!

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

What's this world coming to! I had to bookmark you so that I can read your entries, because I wasn't getting anything. Hope you enjoy your weekend my friend,

Jimmy's Journal said...

I'll join you for that drink!


Lisa said...

Yeah and the gov was stupid enough to give them even more money...what a slap in the face.