Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Drizzling Shits

Well good people I'm BAAAAAAAACK!
Aol gave me a bad taste in my mouth and gave me a bad Anal Disease called stickumupthejournalersanalhole, which in turn gave me the drizzling shits!
Now I ask every one who came from aol to see a lawyer for a law suit against them for mental anguish due to being depressed for axing our on - line therapy!
Aol- Means - America On Line does it not?
Now is that not faulty advertizement?
Screw those corperate ceo assholes!
You guys are paying an Aol fee for not getting your freedom of speech!
And as always, thanks for listening!


Sue said...

Great entry

Missy said...


How do I subscribe?


Say What?! said...

I can't figure out how to subscribe either!

Robin said...

ewww anal leakage can be a nasty thing. I would think that is worth a little lawsuit action.

I gotta tell you I feel a little naughty every time I come over here and have to click on the "Adult Content" warning. LOL

Glad to see you among the ranks here! Wouldn't be the same without you buddy.

Barbara said...

I know that if they keep doing away with the things I like most about AOL, they'll likely loose my paid subscription for ISP.

Debbie said...

Hey John, I think ya got it. Now I've gotta get to bed, lol. Night!