Friday, January 13, 2012

John Is Freakin' Tired! XXX Language Not For Sensitve Ears , If that fits You Stay The Hell Out!

Johnny G is very fkin' tired of our politicians, a bunch of sensitive clits!
They take decent human beings, throw them in to the wild with weapons and tell them to kill all enemies for their fkin' cause, when the killin' starts and the euphoria of it all sets the fk in and those faggot politicians don't like what they see because it don't fkin' benefit the cause, oh fkin' well people it's fkin' war!
Mutilation and molestation are war words, desecration to me sounds like fkin' religious words , ok people it's fkin' war, nothing fkin' pretty about it keep religion out of it, the stress of killin a human being is tremendous nothin' fkin' normal about it you want normalcy send in our beloved Girl Scouts armed with thousands of rounds of Fkin' Thin Mints!
Those Camel Humpin' Fudge Packin' Taliban cryin' fkin foul over 4 bladder filled Marines relieving themselves over a few dead fkin'pieces of human garbage and call it desecration ?
Wow, these Flintstones have big fkin' balls call it the way they see it HUH?
What about those allah lovin' bastards beheading, burning and hanging our dead soldiers, yeah what the fk about that huh!?
I say shit all over those dead taliban soldiers and tell those cry baby faggots in Dc to send in Rabbi's, preists and reverands with their bibles and finish their holy war!
God Bless our soldiers!