Friday, November 13, 2009

Rational & Irrational Suicide

Rational Suicide- When one is terminally ill and takes ones life in his own hands on his own terms.

Irrational Suicide- When Mental illness chooses for you and you don't seek other options of help and you listen to those little feelings to escape mental pain.

I'm right in the middle of a tight rope walk and if I stay I'll be ok.

Monday woke up feeling pretty shitty, copd , chest cold , lung infection settled in , labored breathing until Tuesday 3:30 PM, copd eased up until about 7:30 and kicked back up in full flare.
Took my myself of oxygen , wrote my last will & testament for my kid , sat down and read a few journals, joked around, got tired and laid down to die, let nature take it's course I figure.
Laying there waiting to die in dignity, had stomach cramps and did not want to shit all over deaths parade, crawled into the toilet did my shit and laid back down to die.
I don't know what made me get up to answer an e-mail( forgot to shut the freakin computer off), It was my Friend Jim Sullivan that sent me a life saving e-mail, you see Jim likes singing and records it and he sent me a song that saved my life!!!!!!!!!
Mr. James Sullivan Sir , God bless you!

Well that song put a freakin' great spark into my heart , got me rethinking life!
So on that note......
My darling Debbie I love you with all my heart and soul, yes darling I'll save the last dance for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm ok now ,Peace be with all of you, I love you all!

I'm here to stay!

And as always,thanks for listening!

Jumping Johnny G. Is A Big Fan