Monday, October 12, 2009

Cousin Update

After bringing my Aunt Ruth back from her Maryland vacation, Cousin Debbie was on her way back to Maryland, she stopped to say hello to cousin Bob, after leaving his house she was broadsided by a small pickup truck on the driverside door.
My cousin Bob was a few minutes behind her, ran up to her car and cut the deployed driverside air bag, called 911 and helped her until the ambulance got there.
She has a few fractured bones,3 fractures in the pelvis and 2 in her leg and a few bumps and bruises.
Her car was mangled but thank God that she is alive!
When I got the call last night it took me back to August of 1985, when cousin Mary was killed in a car accident, Cousin Debbie's sister,I was in a bad way all night until I heard her voice today, Debbie's that is.
Thank you All very much for your prayers.
Thank you Lord for being with her and keeping her safe.

And as always,thanks for listening!