Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kitty Got Killed

2001 , Debbie rescued a Stray Angora kitten and gave it to my mom.
July 1 ,2002 Debbie and I went camping with our Roscoe, Mom was leaving for work and Kitty got out , we returned the 5th to find out Kitty was missing.
I asked my neighbor if he saw the cat and he said he thought he saw a dead cat up the road that looked like Kitty, sure enough it was.
Mom was all upset and wanted us to pick up the dead cat and bury it.
I argued the point, the cat was dead for several days in a hundred degree weather,horse flies all over her and she was bloated and the stench of death was unbearable but sure enough Mom won, I grabbed a sheet , rubber gloves and a shovel, about ready to pick up Kitty when a car pulled over and the guy driving it asked if he could help , that he was a emt and could give the cat mouth to mouth if needed, he had actually thought we just hit the cat.
I started to laugh and asked him if he could walk on water and then said to him if you could breath life into this cat I'll call you Jesus.
He was puzzled and scratched his head, then I told him that the cat was dead for a few days and my Mom wanted us to bury Poor Kitty.
Now just imagine driving 10 miles in the summers heat with a dead stench smelling cat in the trunk and the cops pull you over for running a red light.

And as always,thanks for Listening!