Saturday, March 7, 2009


Is something we measure as it goes by but hard to measure in it's future, It is damn hard to manage it or save it but very easy to spend, waste or kill it.
Some people have a hundred years of time others only 29 years of it and as far as myself , I wasted 46 . 7 years of it.
My friend's son had past yesterday at 29 , some say his time was up , his time on this planet was short or time waits for no man.
They say Time heals all wounds ?
How does that happen when we don't have time?
They say we have the past, present and future?
In time we always have the past, there is no present and in a split second the future is now the past and how far in the future can one go on borrowed time?
My friend, time
was short for you, you left a beautiful wife and 4 beautiful children.
May time be generous to those that you left behind!
Good bye Russel.
And as always , thanks for listening!

Saturday #3's

On your journal or mine write 3 words that describes what's going on or how you feel.
My 3 words are.........
Friends son died

And as always, thanks for listening!