Sunday, November 2, 2008

Dribble By Chuck Ferris

A couple of years ago I started to read a blog on aol called Dribble By Chuck Ferris and became friends with this Gentleman.
He was a man with many hats, Disabled war vet, teacher,painter, musician , air plane pilot, and a boater, ect.
His love of life was great.
Even though he was wheelchair bound he got around on his own,by van, bus, or wheelchair.
They transferred his blog over from aol to blogspot, he loved to write in his journal and when he could not write he had stand by writers when he was sick and his Daughter wrote a few until his end of life.
Out of respect for dear ole Chuck I want to start a memorial or a movement of such, to have every one here to be a follower of Mr. Ferris's Blog.
Kind of like a tribute to Mr. Ferris, he may be gone but he is not forgotten!
Won't you be a follower in memory of good ole Chuck?

And as always, thanks for listening!