Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Sand Man Is A Thief

Cancun Beach Closed Due to 'Stolen Sand'
Hundreds of feet of a Cancun beach is closed after Mexico police accused hotel owners of stealing the sand.
Police, backed by gun-toting Navy personnel, used crime-scene tape to keep surprised tourists off the coastline in front of the Gran Caribe Real Hotel, according to the Associated Press. Five people were detained for allegedly pumping sand from the sea floor and onto the beach in front of the hotel, the story said, and police are also investigating the hotel's use of breakwaters to keep sand from naturally flowing onto other hotel beaches.
"Today we made the decision to close this stretch of ill-gotten, illegally accumulated sand," Patricio Patron, Mexico's attorney general for environmental protection, told AP. "This hotel was telling its tourists: 'Come here, I have sand ... the other hotels don't, because I stole it.'"

I guess freakin' Cancun sand is like gold in Mexico, I'll bet I'll see this on the stock exchange!

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