Friday, January 2, 2009

A Tit For Tat New Year

How Does one Get bombed in the New Year in Jesus Land?

Go ask Nizar Rayan , it took a really big bomb from the Israelis to cure what ailed him , a matter of fact it helped to reduce the population on the Gaza strip by a few but what the hell is a few more dead terrorists anyway?

Oh the sweet smell of victory for Israel and a few more of our tax dollars down the drain for the price of peace!

Now the big Question is how does one get shit stains out of the sand of the Holy Land?

I see a few more Allah loving freaks going to get their virgins soon via the way of guided missiles!

The weather Channel predicts rain for a few weeks on the Gaza, yep it's Raining steel on the Holyland!
Just a little game of Tit For Tat During The Holidays amongst enemies!

And as always, thanks for listening!