Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Past Few Days

I'm sorry I have not been on here the past few days, trying to keep my mind occupied by playing games online doing house work and talking to myself.
It seems these pills ain't worth a shit,it seems I'm more depressed now then I ever was, I'll talk to the doctor about this.
Sassy, my beloved Little Girl is coming around now,she is now going outside to chase the mailman once more.
For myself, I'll never be the same, life pretty much sucks now.
I want to thank my friend Betty in Ca.
She sent me a book that deals in the sorrow I'm Going through.
The Book: Hope For Hurting Hearts By Greg Laurie.
I'm a slow reader, I'm on page 28 of 136 pages, I read a few pages a day this is so I don't get bored and plus it gives me something to do in between my every day rituals.
Thanks Again Betty for the book it is greatly appreciated .
Sent for money out of my Ira to pay for My Debbie's Burial, well it has to happen, I've been sitting in this house for 5 Freakin' Days waiting for the check , so it figures they can't find the house, way to go FEDX!
Tomorrow it'll be here by 9:30 Am , so I'll be out there at the curb by 7:30 with a jug of coffee waiting for them to deliver it!
Well good people, That's it for Today!

And as always, thanks for listening!