Thursday, March 10, 2011

Life Since '09

Well ,since My Debbie had passed my life is like a roller coaster of emotions .
I did start back on drinking , sorry folks but I Gots to do what I Gots to do, but not nearly as much as I use to drink.
I am just starting to get use to being alone , it's not easy for me but I will adjust eventually.
My melt downs are very few now , I guess the meds are working....Ha!, you never ever recover from a loss of a loved one and in a strange way I really don't want to... I still love her and as I said it is getting easier but her love and memories are all that I have of her.
A few of my friends online and here in Pa. Have helped me through the worst of it And I thank and Love all of them that helped me recover.
God Bless All Of You!!!!!!

And as always, thanks for listening!