Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get Your Clothes On!

It was about 18 years ago and I a hundred pounds lighter,Debbie and I belonged to a sportsman's club, A club for hunters, shooters and fishermen.
We loved camping on their property right by the Lehigh River, it was so primitive, It had an outhouse and that was it.
As I would unload the truck and put stuff where it would belonged, it was Debbie's job to put up the tent and put the bedding and sorts in the tent then we would put tarps up and get a fire going and then she would get dinner going just for the 2 of us.
We loved sitting by the fire at night listening to the crackling of the fire , snorts of the deer,owls hooting ,the river flowing and an occasional snap of a twist off beer cap.
At night it was always a 2 person jaunt to the shitter for safety reasons, I always took a rope with us just as a joke.
The joke you ask?
I told Debbie to tie it around her waste in case she fell in so she can climb out so the shit eating skunks don't get her!
We loved waking up to the sound of turkeys gobbling and if you were quite enough and sneak down by the river you'd get a glimpse of deer drinking from it.
By 10 am we were down at the river fishing and by noon swimming and beer drinking would be the engagement for the day and at night more beer and slow dancing by the fire.
I sure do miss those days!
I remember one time camping there Debbie was putting stuff in the tent and I took a beer break and put on the radio on , Joe Cocker was playing "You Can Leave Your Hat On" and good ole Johnny G. was in the mood for fun, we were the only ones there and I got up on the picnic table and started doing a strip tease dance for Debbie , piece by piece the clothing came off , Johnny G . was naked as a blue jay giving Debbie a great show and that's when it happened, a dump truck full of fire wood was coming down the hill and saw my little dance, me in my B-day suit and ear to ear grin, I was like a bolt of lightening heading for the tent.
Fully clothed now I went over to the truck to explain my nudeness to the driver and he laughed as he handed me a beer and told me that he and his girl friend had the same idea for that night .
Till this day Debbie and I laugh at that memory and she still calls me a dumb ass!
And remember..........
Laissez les bon temps rouler!
And as always, thanks for listening!