Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Psalms 90:10

Psalms 90:10
Mortal man shall live 3 score plus ten, some 4 score, who ever lives longer shall live in sorrow.

Johnny G. Wants his 90:10

Wednesday thru Thursday night I danced with the reaper again, almost my last tango.

Ended up in the hospital with life threatening respiratory distress, just minutes away from dying when taken to the hospital, almost put on the respirator.

Death is becoming more gentle with me as I am getting use to walking up to his door,no longer scared of it,just pray that the Doctors and nurses can pull me through once in the E.R. and they did.

Home now resting,it was a wild few days in the hospital and I'll write a little tomorrow on this subject.

Enjoy life , It is sweet!

And as always,thanks for listening!