Friday, November 28, 2008

A Friday Rant

Today's Rant is about 2 hour delays for schools.

Is it me or is the freakin' system gone crazy?
I mean come on what the hell is up with this freakin' 2 hour delay for kids when the weather is bad?
Is because the city can't keep the roads safe or is it the fact that the school bus dispatcher does not want to bang up his shiny school buses?
Could it be for the safety of those special little tots that get on the bus?
Well if it is for safety's sake then put some freakin' seat belts on the buses and send those rug rats to school!
Snow Days, What the hell is that?
The only time I had a freakin' snow day was when it snowed over 3feet or the school bus drivers all called in for a freakin' sick day!
If the snow was deep we shoveled to the bus stop and if the bus got stuck we pushed it over the hill and a lot of us did not have the privilege and comfort of riding the bus, we had to walk both ways up hill to and from school without boots!
I don't know but the kids today got it easy!
Thats my rant for the day , enjoy your weekend!

And remember.......
Laissez les bon temps rouler!
and as always, thanks for listening!